Our Story

Why we started it?

“TechTalk is an education-oriented platform devoted to sharing deep and practical knowledge through short technology speeches. TechTalk was founded as a monthly seminars to gather all the IT industry’s stakeholders (Universities, Tertiary Institutes, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Employers and interested parties) to facilitate, support and exchange bright and original ideas.”

“Our mission is to discover, support and spread bright and original ideas by organizing technology talks and workshops across the world. We want to increase the technology knowledge level of everyone in New Zealand and all around the world.” Our Aim is to help to close the IT skills shortage gap.

Our Team

TechTalk NZ was founded in 2018 by Dr. Masoud Shakiba currently works as a head of research and innovative learning at Techtorium. Supported by a group of volunteer students, together they created the perfect opportunity for the academic community to meet the IT industry and bridge education with employment. TechTalk provides a platform for everyone interested in Tech to share and learn about innovative technologies.

Dr. Masoud Shakiba
Founder and CEO
Hami Akhondzadeh
Strategic Planner
Paula Ray
Digital Engagement Specialist
Sahil Pure
Joseph Davey
Corey Hampson
Rhind Mulitalo

Our Main Activities


Networking Platform

Building a professional networking platform to discover, support and share original ideas by running monthly events (TechTalk Seminar).


Skill Shortage Gap

Helping to close the STEAM skills shortage gap by conducting workshops for professionals and kids (TechTalk Plus & TechKids).

TechTalk Main Activities

Tech Festivals

Organising technology centered exhibitions, conferences and international festivals in collaboration with universities and tech enterprises (TechEx).



Acting as a bridge between the academic environment and industry to build a win-win relationship – Research and Industry Collaboration (TechCollab).

Our Audiences Demography

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TechTalk Audiences Demography

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