Carmen Vicelich
CEO at Valocity
Lehan Stemmet
Director at DWI & President of Auckland Institute of Study
Michael Tapp
Founder & Director of Cyma
Mark Singh
CEO at Kaptura
Paul Gravatt
Automation Engineering Manager at Motion Design Ltd.
Olaf Diegel
Professor of Additive Manufacturing at University of Auckland
Robert Blache
Customer Manager at Clean Tech & High Tech Products, Callaghan Innovation


Babak Salamatinia
Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University
Jan Hutchinson
CEO at Techtorium
Garry Williams
Manager Education for Ministry of Education
Guillermo Merelo
Diversity Manager at Diversity Works NZ
Kainaat Jamil
Business Agility Practitioner at Deloitte
Matthew Jackson
Founder at On The Side & EHF Fellow
Daniel Harding
Head of Learning and Development at Aspire2
Lena Waizenegger
Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology
Mohammad Reza Beikzadeh
Training Consultant at Axiata
David Inggs
CEO and Co-Founder at Rocos
Paula Ray
Research Manager at Aspire 2 International
Negin Ahmadi
PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology
Leon Thomason
Managing Director at Flight Digital
Libby McFadden
Head of Brand & Content at NZ Trade & Enterprise


Soheil Bakhshi
Head of Product at Data Vizioner
Timothy Roberts
Head of Growth at Data Vizioner
Saba Samiei
Tech, AI & Ethics Enthusiast at Microsoft
Jim Buchan
Co-Director of SE Research Lab at AUT
Mikael Boulic
Lecturer at Massey University
Mahsa Mohaghegh
Head of Women in STEM at AUT
Riki Williscroft
Cloud Product Owner at Auckland Transport
Nilufar Baghaei
Head of Department IT at Otago Polytechnic AIC
Anthony McMahon
Director at The IT Psychiatrist
Jackie Chan
Marketing Communication Manager at Microsoft
Sam Kamani
Co-founder and CEO at ProductDone
Rahul Jangali
PhD Candidate & Researcher at The University of Waikato
Flavio Hangarter
Founder at Selfstarters
Ben Liebert
Founder at Blackball Software
Lisa Cooley
Business Manager at Absolute IT
Mike Clentworth
Solution Delivery Head at Kiwibank
Jan Hutchinson
CEO at Techtorium NZIIT
Farhad Mehdipour
Senior Lecturer at Otago Polytechnic AIC
Tom Qi
Director at Auckland Institute of Smart Technology
Mary Aue
Managing Director at Coconut Wireless
Reza Rad
Leila Etaati
Data Scientist and BI Consultant at RADACAD
Saman Lawe
Service Improvement Manager at Auckland Transport


Chimène T. Bonhomme
Technology Solution Professional at Microsoft New Zealand
Glen Willoughby
Technologies Advisory Board at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ruggiero Lovreglio
Senior Lecturer at Massey University
Mahonri Owen
PhD Candidate & Researcher at The University of Waikato
Geofrey Rainey
CTO at Vanig
Ari Rajavelu
Senior Testing Practitioner at Sky
Maryam Doborjeh
PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology
Zohreh Doborjeh
PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology